Community 2.0
by Jamacorp

Customized community platform, woven into the customer journey Increase user engagement, drive retention, and boost customer lifetime value.

Strategy Visualization

The platform will be highly customized after auditing the client workflow. Creating a strategy visualization or forecast of the week.

Community Platform

A interactive portal with predictive algorithms. Serves as a hub for relevant information. Positioning you as a thought leader

Performance Management

This unique portal collates inter departmental KPIs and converts them into usable data, centralizing the reports.

Document Control

Automation and digitization of documentation, saving the countless manhours required for manual digitization.

art & illustration

Inspiring new space.

Leveraging user-generated content

Grow Organically, Boost Conversions

art & illustration

Natural plus modern.

Create a valuable network

Engage and Retain Customers

art & illustration

Innovation and Crafts.

Become thought leader in your space

Build Brand Authority

art & illustration

Inspiring new space.

brand-to-user and peer-to-peer

Knowledge sharing


Our Product Reel

A complete community platform to
Curate knowledge | Increase revenue | Connect customers

Join top businesses empowering their community.